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GLITTER FINISH Protect your phone in style with one of my funky custom durable rubber phone cases. Each case is hand adorned with love and a cute combination of embellishments, colours and imagery of your choice.

Make your case truely your own by selecting one of my existin

Each case is make of a black (unless stated otherwise) durable rubber case with the main design or background colour printed on a metal plate on the back. The back plate will be finished with a clear glossy resin glaze to protect the design and give a luxury smooth finish. You can have this as a smooth finish or with a dotted texture.

Some of the materials I can embellish with:

Glitters & Mini Sequins

Letter Beads (white with black text)

Number Beads (white with gold digits)

Gold, Silver or Bronze Leaf (imitation)

Due to the metal back plate my cases (unless stated otherwise) are not compatible with wireless charging.

I cannot produce cases with copyrighted images such as cartoon characters

iPhone 12 PRO MAX Black Custom Phone Case

  • Care Instructions

    Recommendations to extend the life of my cases:

    • Avoid contact with sharp/abrasive items that may scratch the surface.

    • Avoid bending or twisting the case. This could cause cracks.

    • My cases are Splash proof but it’s best to dry off any spills and avoid saturating fully in water etc.

    • Don’t leave design up in direct sunlight for extended periods.

    • Wipe fingers prints or dirt off with a wet wipe or damp cloth.

    • Keep away from open flames and fire.

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